Typhoon lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon's Miss Tilly

Basic Information
Opened On: June 1st 1989 First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game

Typhoon Lagoon is a waterpark located at Walt Disney World. It is themed to a place that has just been hit by a storm.


Kingdom Keepers I:
Disney after Dark
Kingdom Keepers II:
Disney at Dawn
Kingdom Keepers III:
Disney in Shadow
Kingdom Keepers IV:
Power Play
Kingdom Keepers V:
Shell Game
Kingdom Keepers VI:
Dark Passage
Kingdom Keepers VII:

Surf PoolEdit

Finn entered the pool and met King Triton. After talking about his future trip on The Dream, Finn accidentally summoned Ursula. After teasing Triton, Ursula created a Whirlpool with Finn at it's centre. After leaving, Finn managed to escape before getting attacked by a Tidal Wave. King Triton and Amanda managed to hold it up as Finn escpaed with Aamnda. Eventually they could hold it up and the wave fell on the two teenagers. They only just managed to escape the wave by surfing it on a double rubber ring.

Humunga Kowabunga and Storm SlidesEdit

Finn used these to escape the Rescue Dummies when they chased him. At the top of Storm Slides, Stitch came to Finn's aid and destroyed the Dummies.


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