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Basic Information
Film: Mulan First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play
Role in Books: 2nd character to help The Keepers

Mulan isn't actually part of any attraction but she is a walkaround character in China at EPCOT. Unlike Ariel and the other characters, Mulan doesn't have any magical powers. However she does know how to use a sword and a bow and arrow. Like Ariel, she is apart of the Disney Princess franchise, despite not being royalty by birth or marriage.


Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

When Finn and Charlene are running from Shan-Yu and The Huns, Dillard tells them to jump over wall by the lake. As they do, they come face to face with Mulan and her soldiers. She proves to be smart and coragous, navigating her way through several barges on The World Showcase lake at EPCOT and hiding all of the Keepers under their canoe to avoid questioning from Sam, from the Illuminations: Reflection of Earth team and the Crew Chief. She also proves she isn't afraid to take control by telling Finn and the others, "I would suggest you pick up a paddle and help out."


Kingdom Keepers I:
Disney after Dark
Kingdom Keepers II:
Disney at Dawn
Kingdom Keepers III:
Disney in Shadow
Kingdom Keepers IV:
Power Play
Kingdom Keepers V:
Shell Game
Kingdom Keepers VI:
Dark Passage
Kingdom Keepers VII:


Being accepted for who she is, martial arts, protecting the ones she loves, missions, the outdoors, horse riding, swordfighting, bows and arrows, pleasing her family


Failing to bring honor to her family, being doubted, being undermined, sexism, chores



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