Basic Information
Role in Books: Cast Member, Volunteer Kingdom Keeper
First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play

Megan Fuchs is a Cast Member at Disney Quest and is later the oldest VKK.


Kingdom Keepers IV: Power PlayEdit

Megan wa in charge of the CyberSpace Mountain simulator when Finn and Amanda entered it. When the machine went wild, Megan tried her best to get the two kids out of the machine but it wasn't until Amanda used her levataional powers that the two got out alive. Megan then checked to see if they were ok.

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

Megan became a VKK and is the oldest one. She was present at the meeting at the Columbia Harbour House.


Kingdom Keepers I:
Disney after Dark
Kingdom Keepers II:
Disney at Dawn
Kingdom Keepers III:
Disney in Shadow
Kingdom Keepers IV:
Power Play
Kingdom Keepers V:
Shell Game
Kingdom Keepers VI:
Dark Passage
Kingdom Keepers VII:

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