Indian encampment

Indian Encampment

Basic Information
Located: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom First Appeared: Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after Dark

The Indian Encampment is an out-of-bounds section of Magic Kingdom- located between the Frontierland Station and Fantasyland Station (Former Toontown Station) on the Walt Disney World Railroad route. It can also be seen from The Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island.


Kingdom Keepers I: Disney after DarkEdit

This place was recommended by Wayne as a good place to hide. The Keepers found out this was because they were in DHI Shadow in here. That night, they were visited by Maleficent who told them to go because they didn't belong there. The Keepers returned here the night after the next and hid from The Public as The Park was still open. Here Finn explained the reason for asking Maybeck to get some 3-D Glasses for each Kingdom Keeper. They got their glasses before going to their tasks, the girls and Maybeck to it's a Small World and Finn and Philby going to Splash Mountain. That night, they returned later to search for Maybeck who had gone missing before encountering Maleficent again. Unexpectedley, Charlene fled from The Teepee and startled Maleficent who could only get a piece of Charlene's shirt. She completely missed Willa as she fled. Maleficent went back to The Teepee and flicked sand into it, some of which landed on Philby who's DHI appeared slightly. Maleficent went over to Philby just as Finn and Philby left The Teepee. From there, a crow followed the kids into the lake around Tom Sawyer Island before turning into an eel and trying to drown Finn. Luckily, he was saved by Philby and a boat with it's motor blades facing the eel, as if to chop it up like Eel Hamburger Meat.

Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in ShadowEdit

In this book, The Indian Encampment was used again as a hiding place. Whilst Philby kept watch, The Keepers discussed where to search for Wayne next. They were interrupted by Philby entering The Teepee and Pirates being outside. The Pirates found footprints that led into their Teepee. 2 Pirates entered and tried to find the kids. Finn picked up a fistfulof sand and passed a message to the others to do the same by letting about fall on the person next to him's arm. When Finn said "GO!" The Keepers thrust the sand into The Pirates faces and fled The Teepee whilst throwing more sand in the other Pirates faces. Finn tripped over and was stood over by Stitch who told Finn he didn't belong there. Finn made Stitch think by telling him he used to think Stitch was cute. Meanwhile, Maybeck snuck up behind Stitch and pushed him over in order to rescue Finn.


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