Basic Information
First Appearence: Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game Role in Books: Overtakers

The doughboys look similar to Snowmen but are mad from dough.


Kingdom Keepers V: Shell GameEdit

Two doughboys attacked Willa and Finn in the gallies of The Disney Dream, as the two kids fell into a trap. They threw two food carts out the doughboys but they just absorbed the carts and they came out of the back of the creature. Luckilly for the kids, Willa saw some Olive Oil. She threw a jug of the oil on one of the doughboys whilst Finn through his jug at the other. They then jumped through the service hatch and Finn threw a burning piece of spaghetti into the galley behind him. The smell of fresh bread filled the air as the doughboys were cooked.


Kingdom Keepers I:
Disney after Dark
Kingdom Keepers II:
Disney at Dawn
Kingdom Keepers III:
Disney in Shadow
Kingdom Keepers IV:
Power Play
Kingdom Keepers V:
Shell Game
Kingdom Keepers VI:
Dark Passage
Kingdom Keepers VII:

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