Kk5 tour t-shirt

KK5 Tour, winnig T-Shirt


New Book Covers

180px-Shell Game

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game

Main EventsEdit

  • February - First four books get new covers.
  • March 7 - The Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game T-Shirt Competition.
  • April 3 - Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game is released.
  • April 23 - Ridley Pearson has an interview about KK5 and KK6 on WDW Radio.
  • June 1 - June 30 - Ridley Pearson holds a competition to name KK6.
  • July 13 - KK6 was has been named Dark Passage.
  • July 30 - Kingdom Keepers VI: Dark Passage's Cover is revealed.
  • August 31 - Release date for KK6 is revealed. It wll releasse on April 2nd 2013.
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Kingdom Keepers 6 Cover

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